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About us - meet the team

Well, it may be my name on the website but I have to admit it takes more than just me to keep all of your customers’ great feedback flowing back to you so you can hear what they have to say.

I work closely with the team at CTMAworld.com who keep the TellSimon process running and their other customer feedback channel WasItOK.com to follow-up with customers to see how well companies respond to their customers' questions, suggestions, compliments and any problems they may have experienced.

CTMA knows through their work with clients around the world that one of the best ways to increase profitability and improve business is to find out from customers what you're doing well and where things can improve. They also know that even when customers experience problems, companies often only hear from as few as 5% of them.

So to help make businesses more successful, CTMA wanted to make it easy for companies to get feedback from their customers through a simple easy-to-remember Internet channel - and hence TellSimon was conceived.

You can find out more about CTMA at www.ctmaworld.com

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