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How Tell Simon works for you

TellSimon helps to reduce your revenue-at-risk from customer dissatisfaction by enhancing three key areas of customer service:


TellSimon customer feedback channel:

 Tell Simon is a turn-key customer feedback channel that provides customers with an easy-to-remember place to go on the Internet to tell companies about their experiences doing business with them and ask the questions they may have. Each company appearing on the TellSimon customer feedback website is supported by a set of company-specific information that acts as a guide to its customers when providing feedback and helps to ensure that feedback reaches the appropriate individuals for action.

Customised product lists:

Customers are asked to categorise their feedback in terms of a simple generic list of products or services that apply to your industry. This list may be replaced with one customised for your individual company and contain up to a total of 10 products or services types that relate to you.

Single point of contact or multiple branches:

TellSimon can forward all customer feedback to a single individual within a company for action, or where different regions or branches are defined, feedback can be forwarded to individual “region” or “branch” managers for their attention. Each company then responds directly to their customers.

Encouraging response:

Member companies get the most value from TellSimon by encouraging their customers to give lots of feedback. To make this easier, TellSimon has developed a number of promotional ideas and promotional materials that you may wish to consider as part of your customer awareness campaign.

Company branding:

TellSimon also offers a facility to include a short company-specific message on the TellSimon website. It is typically presented as a quotation from a senior executive at the company describing why they value feedback from their customers through TellSimon. A picture of the senior executive and the company logo can also be included. These branding elements are displayed on the opening TellSimon web page once the customer has selected the individual company.

Customer experience tracking reports:

TellSimon monitors ongoing customer experience with the TellSimon feedback channel and the effectiveness of company responses. This is done by sending customers an email a number of days after their feedback has been received. The email invites them to complete a brief on-line questionnaire that collects feedback about their experience using TellSimon and the response they received from the company.

Company-specific tracking reports are available to help you monitor the effectiveness of your response process in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty and to help you identify opportunities for improvement. Reports can identify the effectiveness of your response to customer problems, concerns, questions and suggestions - identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in your response processes.

TellSimon activity reporting:

An analysis of customer feedback can provide significant insight into customer experience and often helps to identify what's working for customers and what's not. TellSimon’s activity reports can provide you with a breakdown of customer feedback by contact type, product or service group and (when used) branch or region.