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Welcome to Tell Simon

Tell Simon is a turn-key customer feedback channel that provides customers with an easy-to-remember place to go on the Internet to tell companies about their experiences doing business with them and ask the questions they may have.

Although many companies are very good at listening and responding to their customers, it's sometimes hard for customers to remember just how to get in touch with them.
Tell Simon can make it easy for your customers to contact you and give you the insights you need to succeed.  It is a cost-effective way for your customers to:


For more information about Tell Simon and how we could be helping you learn from your customers please take a look around - and if feedback from your customers is important to you, send us your contact details and we'll give you a call.

Why it pays

Since 100% of your profits come from your customers, their loyalty can add up to a lifetime of value for your company. Your customers can tell you everything you need to succeed.

How it works

It’s as easy as:

  • Customers TellSimon
  • He forwards it to you
  • You respond to them

Periodical reports on feedback activity and customer satisfaction are also available from Tell Simon.

About us

We know your business is really all about your customers, but you might want to know a little about us too about us.

Contact us

If feedback from your customers is important to you and you’d like to learn more about TellSimon, please contact us.